Satisfied Clients

“An outstanding management company. I am a unit owner and am so proud of the way they run our building. Our onsite Resident Manager and our Property Manager Anthony are a great team. Controller Charles is extremely helpful. Running a building in NYC is no easy feat and these guys do it with class.”

~ Condominium Unit Owner

“Janine’s advice and counsel has been invaluable. Her knowledge base, vast experience and sincere dedication is unparalleled. Professionalism personified.”

~ Condominium Board President

“Thanks to Megan and her ERPM team for keeping the poise, professionalism, and efficacy that you do. It’s truly inspiring. Thanks for being a support, to the building and my family.”

~ Coop Board President & Shareholder

“We really appreciated the attention to details that Anthony and the ERPM team had. Sending our sincerest gratitude to them for taking such great care of our home. We really appreciate ERPM for taking care of this thoughtfully and swiftly, despite all the hurdles they had to jump through.”

~ Condominium Unit Owner

“The biggest reason we were so set on this apartment was because we really enjoyed working with ERPM agent Adam, from the start and the process was so smooth because of his help the entire way. I can safely say that was not the case with most, if not all, of the other leasing agents we’ve come across in this process! So thankful for ERPM being so communicative and helpful during such a nerve wracking process for us, it is truly appreciated. “

~ Manhattan Renter

“Dealing with Mira at ERPM is a delight!”

~ Brooklyn Renter

“I hope Google has enough stars to measure ERPM’s kindness and quality of service!!!”

~ NYC Real Estate Broker

“We are grateful for Megan and her ERPM team for the dedication and care you all bring to managing our buildings and all the additional considerate and respectful efforts provided to our senior residents. Megan is a miracle worker!”

~ Multiple Unit Dwelling Property Owner

“Working with Adam from ERPM was a seamless experience. He was incredibly helpful, communicative, and answered all questions promptly. I would highly recommend to a friend!!”

~ Manhattan Renter

“Our Condo Board team is very happy with our ERPM property management service. ERPM started with us since the first day, when we were a brand new building in 2018, and during the struggling challenges of new building, with regulations and obstacles, ERPM overcame it all, running smooth operations continuously. Our experience is that ERPM is committed to the stability and strength of our building’s financials and assets. Like any building, we experience an ongoing increase of expenses that cannot be ignored, but together management and Board involvement, we endeavor to minimize expenses as much as possible, with the assistance of ERPM’s financial expertise. On every expenditures, capital improvements, essential or even minor issues that requires extra budget, we collectively decide during our meetings; management and Board together. ERPM researches and evaluates the lowest and best price and service and then we decide to approve or not. Last year we did not increase common charges due to the efficiency of our budget. The main essential key for success is the good communication we have with ERPM, their team is reachable at any time for any concerns we may have.”

~ Condominium Board Member & Unit Owner

“So thankful for Anthony for all his kindness and help. ERPM is so efficient and fast! Also our Superintendent helped me the whole morning, and I feel that we got so much done.”

~ Condominium Unit Owner

“Thank you Mira for working so hard to improve my radiator issues. I really do appreciate it!”

~ Coop Shareholder

“ERPM’s controller Charles offers amazing client service. I have been a mortgage broker for 11 years, dealt with thousands of clients and just as many external parties and vendors. Charles was one of the best I have encountered, he answered my call before the first ring completed! He had my questions answered in maybe a minute. Other co-op management companies could learn a thing or two about client service from Charles. If all coops and management companies were as easy to deal with as ERPM I’d probably be out of a job because co-op financing would be a breeze and trouble free and I would not be needed!”
~ NYC Mortgage Broker

“Thanks for being the best darn management team around!”
~ Multiple Unit Dwelling Property Owner

“Thanks so much, Anthony! You have always been so kind. The ERPM team is wonderful and love the new addition of our Superintendent and Handyman!”
~ Condominium Unit Owner

“Adam is so nice and such a professional. I feel like he is one of the reasons we want to move in to that building!”
~ Manhattan Renter

“The garage e-charging station is working well and as expected! Thank you for coordinating the work and the constant updates over the last few months!”
~ Condominium Unit Owner

“Thanks to Megan and the ERPM team for all their patience, they were kind and they went above and beyond, very rare; I am grateful.”
~ Multiple Unit Dwelling Property Owner

“Thank you ERPM for the annual board meeting, appreciate all the work you all do with the board (and staff) to keep the building running smoothly.”
~ Condominium Unit Owner

“Adam made this process a pleasure, which is saying a lot about an NY apartment search! He is one of the very few agents that was kind, responsive and helpful!”
~ NYC Renter

“We have seen the new ERPM team onsite more in the last month than we saw the previous management company ever!”
~ NYC Coop Commercial Tenant

“Megan and the ERPM team made an angsty transition feel loving. What a talent!”
~ NYC Multiple Unit Dwelling Property Owner

“Your management company has done more in the last 48 hours than the previous management company has done in three years.”
~ NYC Real Estate Broker