Megan E. Tarter

Megan has been managing Manhattan properties for 20 years. Starting out with just two century-old brownstones, Megan labored to assemble 50 feet of frontage in Murray Hill, combining a UN Mission with her family owned townhouses, in partnership with CBSK Ironstate, erected a twenty story luxury rental building on East 39th Street. Megan’s team management skills ensure the highest level of attention to detail and professionalism from all positions within ERPM. As a principal member, Megan is always available to supervise any aspect of her client’s needs as well as maximizing potential growth, top-down from project oversight to staff management.

Elias Kougemitros

Elias has been actively involved in real estate management and development for over 20 years, with a resume which includes developing and managing over 400 units in several luxury properties and commercial real estate. As a principal member, Elias’ responsibilities include acquisition, management and coordination of A&E design teams, title matters, government agencies and city utility approvals, construction contracts, insurance coordination, loan and monthly disbursement administration, inspection supervision, building rent-up, marketing, sales, accounting and legal management.

Janine A. Getler

Janine, an Attorney, has specialized in condominium creation, management and representing boards. She also represents many large corporate clients, including development clients in high rise construction projects in the five boroughs. As a principal member, Janine’s specific project management duties include contracts, licensing, permitting, insurance, construction, offering plans, and transaction closings. With over 20 years of experience in luxury development projects, Janine has a proven track record of success while providing the highest level of service to her clients.

Charles Dachs

Charles has been ERPM’s controller since its founding. He manages the day-to-day financial operations of all ERPM managed properties, working side by side with property managers, supers, board members, owners and their tenants to provide easy access and quick answers to all inquiries. With his keen and conservative focus on financials, Charles also services all clients in the creation and maintenance of both initial budgets as well as monthly, quarterly and annual projections. Prior to joining ERPM, Charles received a degree in Mathematics, focusing in Actuarial Science. Charles takes pride in his work, ameliorating operations, financials and client satisfaction.

Mira Labiscase

Mira has successfully managed residential, commercial and mixed-use buildings in Manhattan and Brooklyn; she has sustained experience with rentals, condos, co-ops and office spaces. Mira is skilled in overseeing projects of all sizes, from FISP, apartment renovations, lobby and hallway upgrades and a variety of other building projects. Her knowledge of city compliance and violation resolution ascertains that buildings under her management are in good standing with all city agencies. Mira’s objectives are to ensure that residents are comfortable and happy in their homes.

Adam Schwall

Personable and approachable, Adam is driven and customer focused with a passion for helping owners and renters find their perfect match. Adam’s roots are in real estate, growing up in Westchester and learning from his mother, a twenty year top-performing broker and real estate professional. Prior to joining ERPM, Adam earned his degree in Media Marketing and Industrial-Organizational Psychology. Adam’s previous experience was with a residential staging company and as a lead marketing designer for various start-up companies. Adam strives to go above and beyond for his clients as he continues to develop his professional career in the real estate industry.

Anthony Lisboa

Anthony has a background in Construction Management specializing in the Construction of Luxury High Rise Buildings all around Manhattan, including 363 Lafayette as well as ERPM’s current properties under management Corte & Parker West. Prior to joining ERPM, Anthony earned his degree in Construction Management with a Minor in Business at New Jersey Institute of Technology. He has genuine expertise in budgeting, estimating, scheduling, buyout negotiations, closeouts and team management; Anthony is eager to assist in a variety of clients’ concerns.

Lola Glazer

Lola Glazer comes from a distinguished Real Estate family background. She is an entrepreneur who is hands on and greets every challenge with a positive attitude. Lola’s exceptional leadership skills allows her to genuinely connect with all clients: residents, Board members, vendors, Superintendents and all building staff, allowing for effortless team collaborations and efficient property management. Prior to joining ERPM, Lola owned and operated her own boutique retail enterprise. Lola is a native New Yorker, a Connecticut College graduate and current Murray Hill resident.